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Kompositionen & 'Snippets'

Welcome to the "Compositions and Snippets" page. This page is still under construction and is a "sitemap" of all the .mp3 audio files that you can hear on this website. For now there is just music from the new CD "Searching the Blue". Please check back here from time to time. Over the next months we will be adding .mp3 files from all of my Cds plus a variety of live performances and recordings that until now have been unavailable, plus interviews and radio broadcasts from the last few years. Plus some jazz ringtones. Eventually at the bottom of this page will be a complete alphabetical list of all the songs I've written and available recordings.

Until this page is finished please enjoy the following .mp3 snippets from "Searching the Blue" plus an assortment of videos:

Peri's Winkle Blues .mp3 (or see a video of this song performed by the trio)
This song takes me back to some of the great Bugaloos of Les McCann.... [read more]

A Minor Thing .mp3
I really love this song. For me it is a journey across different gospel universes... [read more]

Silently Searching .mp3
This snippet gives you a little taste of what I would call "pure Iowa... [read more]

Mayen Song .mp3 (or see a video of this song performed by the trio)
This song was premiered when the trio played a concert at the castle city of Mayen... [read more]

Three Journies (Africa) .mp3
This song is a journey in my head. I always wanted to go to Africa, but I never did... [read more]

Askin' .mp3
This snippet doesn't do justice to the whole song, which is probably the longest form... [read more]

Duke's Boots .mp3 (or see a video of this song performed by the trio)
While it sounds very simple and bluesy, what I really like about this song is... [read more]

Starting Over .mp3
It sounds light and country-ish and it is! But it also is a fugue... [read more]

The Moon Rose... .mp3
Again, pure Iowa.

Interviews and Conversations

WDR JazzTwentyFive
A feature of the "Searching the Blue" CD in the German language....
[read more]

Iztekani Jingle RTV radio
A radio jingle announcing the live radio "Unplugged" concert done on the 9. February, 2007....
[read more]

Jazz Avenue
A feature of the "Searching the Blue" CD in the Slovene language....
[read more]

NPR Weekend Edition
Weekend Edition Sunday for Dec. 5-11, 2004 [click here]